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dragbingo-logoDrag Bingo is a fundraising event involving the generous participation of volunteers, sponsors, and a multitude of bingo heroes. An average of 7 times a year, people scramble to get tickets for the upcoming Drag Bingo event held at the Durham Armory. They wait patiently as the BVD's (Bingo Verifying Divas) prepare to dazzle the crowd with their outrageous costumes, hairstyles and performances centered around the "silly" game of BINGO!!


In 2002, Drag Bingo had found a home in the Triangle. For over a decade, the "girls" have given their time and talent to "continue to play Drag Bingo until the crisis is over!" This family friendly event has helped raise over $750,000 for people in the community living with HIV/Advanced HIV and continues to promote the mission of prevention against this outbreak.

We remember those lost, those living and those we must protect.

The Alliance of AIDS Services-Carolina is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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