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Serving those living with HIV/AIDS, their loved ones, caregivers and communities at large, through compassionate and non-judgmental care, prevention, education and advocacy. The Alliance dates back to 1989 when AIDS Service Agency of Orange County, Triangle AIDS Interfaith Network (TRAIN) and AIDS Service Agency of North Carolina consolidated efforts in servicing and supporting people living with HIV/AIDS.


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Help the Alliance Thrive

Despite state and federal budget cuts, we advocated for the programs that were mission critical, stayed focused on our work and committed ourselves to the clients. We tightened our belt and set our mind to service. In addition, we started working internally to examine every expense not directly related to client care with the goal of lowering it while not affecting services to clients or negatively impacting our staff. The outcome of the goal resulted in lowering costs for phone services, reducing expenses to process donations by credit cards, banking fees, along with many others. We will continue this work well into the New Year. While much of the work we do is funded by grants and special events like Drag Bingo, AIDSWALK&RUN and Dining Out For Life, a significant amount of our operating budget comes from you, through direct, tax deductible donations.

This is why we ask for your help today. We hope you will consider a gift of:

  • $400, which covers the cost of HIV and STD tests for three individuals;
  • $200, which keeps the lights on in our office for two weeks;
  • $100, which helps stock our food pantry with nutritious meals for 40 ($2.50/client); or
  • A regular, monthly donation (via credit card) as a Circle of Life member.

Please consider making an online donation today. $100 is a suggested amount, but you may enter the amount you wish to donate. Click "Donate" to be taken to PayPal for processing.

(U.S. Dollar)