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    CONTACT US HOURS OF OPERATION OFFICE M - Th: 8:30am - 4:30pm F: 8:30am - 12:30pm TESTING M-Th: 9:00am - 4:00pm F: 9:00am -12:00pm PANTRY T: 1- 4pm W & Th:10am -1pm *Check the calendar for testing, office, and pantry hours and community-testing events. PHONE 919-834-2437 EMAIL info@aas-c.org Alliance of AIDS Services - Carolina 1637 Old Louisburg Rd. Raleigh, NC 27604 GoRaleigh Bus FAX 919-834-2437 SOCIAL Back to Top

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    ARE YOU READY for PrEP? AAS-C Can PrEP You! AAS-C can connect you to a PrEP provider regardless of your current health insurance status. All it takes is a phone call, 919-834-2437 or just stop by our office at 1637 Old Louisburg Rd in Raleigh to ask one of our Prevention Specialists about PrEP. ​ What is PrEP? Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, better known as PrEP, is a way to reduce your risk of HIV infection by up to 99% by taking a pill every day. PrEP is a daily preventative measure against HIV. If you've had a potential HIV exposure, please seek medical attention within 72 hours to discuss PEP, or post-exposure prophylaxis. Should YOU be PrEP’d? If you are currently HIV negative and meet any of the following criteria, you may benefit from PrEP: PrEP may benefit you if you are HIV-negative and ANY of the following apply to you: You are a gay/bisexual man or a Transgender person and have at least one of the following: have an HIV-positive partner have multiple partners, a partner with multiple partners, or a partner whose HIV status is unknown–and you also have anal sex without a condom, or recently had a sexually transmitted disease (STD) You are a heterosexual man or woman and have at least one of the following: have an HIV-positive partner. have multiple partners, a partner with multiple partners, or a partner whose HIV status is unknown–and you also don’t always use a condom for sex with people who inject drugs, or don’t always use a condom for sex with bisexual men ​ You inject drugs and have at least one of the following: share needles or equipment to inject drugs are at risk for getting HIV from sex What else should you know? According to the CDC, there are no known long-term harmful health effects for individuals on PrEP for five years or longer. You should continue using condoms while on PrEP! PrEP takes up to 21 days to reach maximum effectiveness. Although PrEP may protect you against HIV infection, it provides no such safeguards against other STIs ​ Back to Top

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    ABOUT PROGRAMS VOLUTEER 164511205_959903439418_61093343704924980 IMG_2519 Describe your image 291700FA-8E68-44C4-8390-B0984A31737E 1/14 The Taylor-Burroughs Market P.L.A.C.E. (Pantry of Love, Acceptance, Care and Equality) serves People Living with HIV, and those at high risk for contracting HIV including individuals experiencing poverty, food insecurity, homelessness, substance use and interpersonal violence. We are a USDA- TEFAP distribution center for those who qualify. We offers a variety of items including non-perishable goods, fresh produce, milk, eggs, meats, personal hygiene items, baby necessities, and household cleaning supplies. ​ In 2020, the Market P.L.A.C.E. was visited 8,909 times by 4,031individuals/households. 1,932 were first-time visitors - a 90% increase in traffic and demand over 2019. ​​ 65% were people living with HIV 15,500 hygiene and PPE kits were distributed 118,000 lbs of food was disbursed 88 food delivers were made to rural residents in outlying counties 100 school-age children received new backpacks and school supplies 125 families received holiday meal baskets ​ In 2020, we renamed the pantry Taylor-Burroughs Market P.L.A.C.E. (Pantry of Love, Acceptance, Care, and Equality) in honor of a set of generous donations from the families of the late Zachary Taylor and Joseph Burroughs, Hayes Barton United Methodist, ViiV Healthcare and several smaller grants. These funds enabled us to launch the Nourishment and Encouragement (N&E) program that extends Market P.L.A.C.E. services to medically vulnerable and socially isolated PLWH (People Living With HIV) who are unable to visit the pantry. We purchase a delivery van and hired dedicated delivery staff to make regular food deliveries and home visits to individuals who lack transportation and/or reside in rural communities. Additionally, w e acquired new commercial refrigerators and freezers, enabling us to expand our offerings of fresh produce, dairy products, fish and meats. Back to Top

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    Get Support Support services include our well-established food pantry, workshops to enhance life skills, positive health behaviors, and leadership development referrals to community resources such as food, housing, job-training, and social support to counteract stigma and social isolation. Prevention Services: HIV/STI testing, community outreach, and health education workshops. We distribute safer-sex supplies to local barber shops and partner with organizations such as the Raleigh LGBT Center, for large community events. We also offer navigation to PrEP providers. ​ Keep It Up! KIU!, is an exciting new project from Northwestern University that combines sexual health education and mobile technology. KIU! Has five interactive sexual education and HIV prevention program modules that contain information about HIV and related topics. TO join KIU! you need to complete the baseline survey, watch the videos about different seual health scenarios, and come to the Alliance to be tested. If you finish all of the parts you can get gift cards up to $100! Are You Eligible? Must live in the state of North Carolina. Must be between the ages of 18-34 years old. Must be AMAB (Assigned male at birth) in the LGBT Community. Must be HIV negative (Get Tested HERE) How to Participate: Contact our KIU Coordinator Email: John.Rowell@aas-c.org Phone: 919-834-2437 ext. 1001 Text: 984-833-5301 Thank you in advance for your participation and Keep It Up! ​ Care Services: Early intervention services that connect our HIV+ clients to medical, mental health, substance-use providers and other related healthcare providers. EIS services also reduce barriers to care such as transportation and navigating healthcare systems by working with our partners. We provide brief counseling to improve self-advocacy and provider-patient communication skills. We supplemental nutrition through our food pantry. as well as offer housing assistance through referrals. In 2021 weare working on opening a new Orange County Residence to provide housing for PLWAIDS that need more intensive health monitoring and support. ​ Faith-based Support: The Alliance has a strong and committed base of faith-based donors. Without their support we would have run out of food within a month of the COVID-19 shut down. We also gained new faith partners that helped us to engage communities that we had not previously worked with. Over the past year, our faith partners provided enough food and household supplies to sustain our pantry, and drastically reduced our costs for buying and transporting bulk food and household goods from the local foodbanks. Our dedication and community presence caught the eye of two faith/civic minded groups who donated brand new commercial refrigerators and freezers, that were valued at 10K per pair. ​ Drop-In Center: Opening Soon - check back for details Back to Top

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    Education & Training ​ AAS-C offers a number of sexual-health related workshops and trainings to help keep you safe. Call us at 919-823-2437 to inquire about topics and opportunities. ​ Health Education Workshops: ​ STD’s Are NOT My Cup of Tea! : A workshop that encompasses the three different categories of STI’s (bacterial, viral, and parasitic) and explains what these are, how they are contracted, and if they are curable. This is an informational all-inclusive workshop that’s not meant to “scare you straight” but to give you the proper knowledge to make sound decisions. ​ The 3 C’s (Contraception, Condoms, Consent) : While the name may be misleading the core content of this workshop is to one, educate those about the various contraceptive methods readily available; two, educate our participants on how to put a male and female condom on safely & CORRECTLY; and three, to instill a full comprehensive understanding of what the word “consent” implies. ​ Anal and Abstinence : In this workshop we will be debunking the myths on how anal and oral sex don’t necessarily mean you’re abstinent and what making healthy choices looks like. ​ How Does Sexuality Affect Me?: In this workshop we will BRIEFLY talk about different gender identity topics such as sex & gender, labels, different types of sexuality (asexual, bisexual, gay, lesbian, transgender, etc). and what dating someone with a different sexuality than yours could encompass. ​ Plan P: Puberty and Me : Here we talk about both the male and female reproductive systems and the wonderful life changes that happen through PUBERTY! We talk about discovering ourselves, self-checks and touch the surface of masturbation. Training: ​ STOP! This is SUPER Awkward : A day long training where we teach parents of youth/adolescents about how to bring up the talk. We’ll discuss various methods and strategies on how to prepare parents for those super awkward questions and we’ll bring up creative ways to discuss this topic so your kids aren’t trying to disappear as you explain to them the birds and the bees! Back to Top

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    Make A Donation For more than 30 years the Alliance of AIDS Services - Carolina has supported people with HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses through compassionate and nonjudgemental prevention, care coordination, and supportive services. We are grateful for your support to help ensure free and accessible HIV/STI testing, connection to care, and support for North Carolinians who need it most! Support the Alliance First Name Last Name Address City State Zipcode Email Phone This gift is in the name of... Thank you for your support! To mail a check, please make payable to the Alliance and send to: Alliance of AIDS Services - Carolina 1637 Old Louisburg Rd. Raleigh, NC 27604 Or donate using: NC State Employees Combined Campaign ID:1802 To inquire about other ways to give, contact Melissa by phone: 919-834-2437 x1002 or by email: M.haithcoxdennis@aas-c.org Back to Top

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    We are... OUR NEW SITE IS COMING SOON P: 919-834-2437 E: info@aas-c.org ​ HOURS OF OPERATION M-Th: 8:30am-4:30pm F: 8:30-12:00pm ​ TESTING HOURS M-Th 9am-4pm (M: LGBT Center of Raleigh 5pm-730pm) F 9am-12pm ​ PANTRY HOURS T: 1-4pm W & Th10am-1pm ​

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