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Care Services

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The Alliance offers short-term counseling for people living with HIV. Our counseling sessions are designed to promote healthy living.

Clients meet one-on-one with a counselor for about one hour, once a week, for a minimum of five sessions, more are available depending on their specific health risks. To offset the costs of participating, we offer bus passes, and VIP pantry shopping days for clients attending their sessions. 

Our counseling is not a substitute for other behavioral health, mental health, or substance use programs. But, we do work very well alongside them, as we talk more specifically about living with HIV while working to improve our clients’ lives! Our counselors are also trained to refer our clients to other services they may need.


Clients say they enjoy:

  • Meeting with a counselor individually to talk about what’s on their mind

  • Setting goals and having their counselor check on their progress

  • Confidential space to discuss thoughts and feelings

  • Practicing effective communication skills

  • Learning more about HIV and how to stay healthy

  • Learning effective problem solving, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques

  • Develop confidence about disclosure and learning the right time disclose HIV status

For more information or to set up your first appointment

call Diane at (919) 834-2437

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