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We aim to spread our mission far and wide which is why we offer a number of sexual-health related workshops and trainings to help keep you and your people safe, healthy, and well informed. 


to inquire about topics and opportunities:

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Health Education Workshops:

  • STD’s Are NOT My Cup of Tea!: A workshop that encompasses the three different categories of STI’s (bacterial, viral, and parasitic) and explains what these are, how they are contracted, and if they are curable. This is an informational all-inclusive workshop that’s not meant to “scare you straight” but to give you the proper knowledge to make sound decisions.

  • The 3 C’s (Contraception, Condoms, Consent): While the name may be misleading the core content of this workshop is to one, educate those about the various contraceptive methods readily available; two, educate our participants on how to put a male and female condom on safely & CORRECTLY; and three, to instill a full comprehensive understanding of what the word “consent” implies.

  • Anal and Abstinence: In this workshop we will be debunking the myths on how anal and oral sex don’t necessarily mean you’re abstinent and what making healthy choices looks like.

  • How Does Sexuality Affect Me?: In this workshop we will BRIEFLY talk about different gender identity topics such as sex & gender, labels, different types of sexuality (asexual, bisexual, gay, lesbian, transgender, etc). and what dating someone with a different sexuality than yours could encompass.

  • Plan P: Puberty and Me: Here we talk about both the male and female reproductive systems and the wonderful life changes that happen through PUBERTY! We talk about discovering ourselves, self-checks and touch the surface of masturbation.



  • STOP! This is SUPER Awkward: A day long training where we teach parents of youth/adolescents about how to bring up the talk. We’ll discuss various methods and strategies on how to prepare parents for those super awkward questions and we’ll bring up creative ways to discuss this topic so your kids aren’t trying to disappear as you explain to them the birds and the bees!

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