Get Support

Support services include our well-established food pantry, workshops to enhance life skills, positive health behaviors, and leadership development referrals to community resources such as food, housing, job-training, and social support to counteract stigma and social isolation.


Prevention Services:

HIV/STI testing, community outreach, and health education workshops. We distribute safer-sex supplies to local barber shops and partner with organizations such as the Raleigh LGBT Center, for large community events. We also offer navigation to PrEP providers.

Keep It Up!

KIU!, is an exciting new project from Northwestern University that combines sexual health education and mobile technology. KIU! Has five interactive sexual education and HIV prevention program modules that contain information about HIV and related topics. TO join KIU! you need to complete the baseline survey, watch the videos about different seual health scenarios, and come to the Alliance to be tested. If you finish all of the parts you can get gift cards up to $100!


Are You Eligible? 

  • Must live in the state of North Carolina. 

  • Must be between the ages of 18-34 years old. 

  • Must be AMAB (Assigned male at birth) in the LGBT Community. 

  • Must be HIV negative (Get Tested HERE) 


How to Participate: 

Contact our KIU Coordinator


Phone: 919-834-2437 ext. 1001 

Text: 984-833-5301 


Thank you in advance for your participation and Keep It Up! 

Care Services:

Early intervention services that connect our HIV+ clients to medical, mental health, substance-use providers and other related healthcare providers. EIS services also reduce barriers to care such as transportation and navigating healthcare systems by working with our partners. We provide brief counseling to improve self-advocacy and provider-patient communication skills. We supplemental nutrition through our food pantry. as well as offer housing assistance through referrals. In 2021 weare working on opening a new Orange County Residence to provide housing for PLWAIDS that need more intensive health monitoring and support.

Faith-based Support:

The Alliance has a strong and committed base of faith-based donors. Without their support we would have run out of food within a month of the COVID-19 shut down. We also gained new faith partners that helped us to engage communities that we had not previously worked with. Over the past year, our faith partners provided enough food and household supplies to sustain our pantry, and drastically reduced our costs for buying and transporting bulk food and household goods from the local foodbanks. Our dedication and community presence caught the eye of two faith/civic minded groups who donated brand new commercial refrigerators and freezers, that were valued at 10K per pair.

Drop-In Center:

Opening Soon - check back for details

Living is positive.